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We are Alaska's largest & fastest growing independent mobile App developer.

In 2013 we launched Zimon Zayz on the idea of small companies competing in this new arena. 
It is untouched in many markets here in Alaska and around the globe.

 I was surprised by the way a company may rebrand their image and start fresh with Apps 
as your go to for everything in and about your business in one small App.

This made it so patrons are not required to store numbers on their phone, simply download the app of the company they do business with.

What was the most amazing part about this was the day I started getting feed back on how many customers were calling and emailing me about the success of their mobile app.

Apps have really changed the world here in Alaska, could you imagine how one app is advertising on your customers screen 24-7 365.

Before you continue reading about how apps will improve our company, consider asking yourself this, what will happen if your competitor gets an app and migrates your customers because they prefer apps over websites. 

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If your customers spend 90% of their smartphone use on Apps, and less on websites, you are now losing money in this new era.

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Ask us about our new customer "Loyalty Rewards," program, you now may have an app that acts as a punch card.
Lets say you sell coffee or have a restaurant, and want to have a patron program for returning customer, picture every ten coffee's a customer buys, they get the 11th free, all of this tracked right within your iphone or android app, no more buying business cards to punch a hole in anymore.

We may apply this to everything, from dry cleaning, locksmith, hotel, rentals, grocery store, clubs, accountants, the list of possibilities is endless...

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With over 160 Apps in the market, we know exactly what your business requires to become number one in your market.

Depending on the scope of your project it may cost as low as $300 per app, we may convert your website into a mobile app.
Our competition will charge your $5k for one App and we have you at $300 for one App, the math checks out...
Don't have a website? Just a FB Page, we may convert your page into an App.

Taking no time off your hands in the process of building your app, let us build your app in 3 business days.

Read this article by Forbes magazine why your company needs and app.
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Apps have more usage than websites.

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Apps are a multi-billion dollar market, if you do not have an App, you are essentially dead to mobile users.

Ask us how one iPhone App made one of our clients $10k in one day.

When your water pipes break, you don't fix them yourself, unless thats's your thang, NO, you call a plumber, think of it this when  your business is drowning, do you try to fix it? You really shouldn't, the old adage, you can't fix a problem with the same mind that has created it.

It is better to hire a professional marketer or sales rep to boost your product sales, booking or services.

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The average mobile phone user opens their phone 1500 times a week, once they have your app on their screen, you are advertising over 1500 times a week and reaching your customer more times a day than any platform in the world.

If you have 1000 people who download your app and the average person opens their phones 1500 times a week, that is 1.5M views a week you get from one mobile app.

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With our App, you may never need to program our number or email into your phone, your onscreen business card.

How many TV commercials do you see today with go to our dot com?
You see the graphics above that says available in the App Store.

If 86% percent of all web searches are from mobile devices and 90% of mobile use is apps, your company is missing out on this new revenue without an app or mobile website.

Apps are a billion dollar industry and your business does not see any of that capital, unless you have an app.

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