Welcome to Zimon Zayz dot com, in just a few short moments we will show you why you need an iphone and Android app, costing LESS THAN $700 for both apps.  

- First off, let us point out how we have made over 150 iphone and android apps in Alaska alone, mostly in the tour, gift shop and restaurant industries.

  You might be thinking, Why do I need an app, my website is doing just fine.  Now here's the think, 20 years ago companies relied on printed brochures and mailed them out regularly, costing so much, let's speed up here, ten years ago companies switched from printed brochures to online interactive digital brochures you know as dot coms or websites.  

Now this brings us to present moment, 86 percent of mobile searches around the globe is done through mobile phones, and 90 percent of mobile phone are used for apps.  

Apps today are what websites were to companies ten years ago.  

To show merit behind this with supporting truth, let's take TV commercials for instance, you rarely see a dot com presented at the end of the commercial, you see available in the App Store for download. 

Now check this out: You go to you favorite website and they have available for download pop up on your screen.  

Apps are growing ten times faster than websites on its best year.  You hear in the news how an app has gone viral with thousands of downloads, you don't even hear of websites going viral anymore.  

While apps are getting millions of downloads across the board, to not have an app is to loose out on your share in this billion dollar market.  

If one simple app based on the information from your website built into an app could improve your monthly sales, what steps are holding you back right now from spending $600 to get you company into this fast moving market?  

Think of it this way, your a small business who sells locally and you say but most of my customers know us already, yes this is true, but if you have an app so they don't need to program your number or email into their phone, your patrons are one swipe away from your services. 

Think about it this way, analytical studies say the average person unlocks their phone screen an average of 100 times a day, while high users are over two hundred times a day, You get to advertise on their screen over a hundred times a day, no marketing plan in the world could get you that many views.  

And since we think in pictures not text, your icon is seen both conscious and subconsciously presenting your services.  Now you might be saying, what may I have in an app, I'm Not sure how this works.  

Picture everything on your website built into an app, you photos, newsfeed, prices, product knowledge, info about the founders, plus add other services you own, if you have google calendar for appointments, we may embed that into your app, if you're a musician with a soundcloud account with a playlist you want the world to see, we may have that playlist embedded into your app or your radio station built in. 

Plus we will have the basics of live Google map of your location with click to call, click to email and have your Facebook, Twitter and other social media plus your website built into your app.  

 Think about it this way, if most of your customers are one off, I had an art gallery whom called me up after their first week for the app in the App Store and they thanked me because of the person whom downloaded their app on a cruise ship and came in their store and spent ten thousand dollars.

This is just one of many successful stories, I helped a cab company increase their bookings from an app in the capital of my state here in Alaska.  

If an app could help drive more profits by 5 - 10 or even 15 percent, in a year, let's separate your company from your local competitors.  

If you are in the restaurant industry, imagine patrons never needing memorize your menu to order, or spending much of your time on the phone going over the menu.  

Let's recap here, you get to advertise 100's a day on your patrons iphone or android screen, they never need to program your number, if your customers are one off, imagine them taking your app home to show friends, family and coworkers doing the work for you, word of mouth marketing sharing your services on their favorite device. 

Plus you can not cut your competition chances of stealing your business by offering services in an app, placing your company light years ahead of the curve.  

Now if you must wait for your competition to get an app first, you are telling all your future customers and current clients that you don't want to keep up with the he times and offer your services on the format they use most, which is Apps.  

Now you might say your website is doing good, but if you could do better by having an app, and I'm saying better by meaning more sales, isn't that what it is all about at the end of the day, and end of the year?  

Websites are getting less use with the rise of mobile phones and apps and the drop in use and sales of laptops.

If money is an issue in starting this today, we will take one hundred dollars off the top making our apps $500 for both iphone and android.  

You may seek out my competition, I have many of them listed on my website and you may Google what does an app cost, you will see most apps start at about $5k dollars and go up to $50k dollars and that is just for one app, I charge $500 for both iphone and android in one package and upgrades to your app only cost $100.  

To put you at ease, you can pay half upfront and the other half once your app is published in the iphone and android App Store, making your cost $250 
to start.  

Let's get you started by answering all your questions 
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