How to make sales.

In each industry with every customer I work with, I ask them one simple question:

Do you know how to sell 
"Benefits over Features?"

Every last one of them say:
What do you mean!

This was a startling number, as I am Alaska's largest App developer, I must know how to sell in order to get where I have grown to.

My next question to my clients would be do you know how to sell with stories?

Now only a few said yes and another few said I have heard of that but don't know how to.
As you may guested it, the rest said sell by using stories.

This made me wonder how many of them have been able to stay in business as long as they have been without basic tools of selling.

A wiseman once said: 
"Sales is the oldest profession, other people say something else is, but if that something else didn't have a product nor knew how to sell it, well their wouldn't be a sale." 

So yes, in essence, SALES is thee oldest profession in the world.

Now to get you back on track, you want to sell but don't know how to or where to focus your efforts to increase your sales.

To give you a quick background of why I am so great with sales, I have over 20+ years selling from cold, warm and hot calling, door to door, b2b, b2c, retail and online.

How to sell anything.
I have found that entertaining customers during the process works best, as the old adage says "people by from people," in know that I want you to have fun while you're working with me.

How to tele-market. 
Your business is based on cold call, I am a cold call king, if I may keep you on the phone for at least a minute, I have you hooked, rarely does a customer say no, why you might wonder?
I keep them in a dialogue, I have prepared questions with answers for their questions and future and current problems.

How to sell retail.
In retail I became number one out of 50 sales reps selling cellphones, back in my day of selling phones was before the smartphone era, as we were just entering the world of text messaging, now what made my sales grow was I had a story of a personal experience on how my engine blew up while driving home on I-5 freeway, and how i was able to reach  a family member whom also had a cell phone who came and saved the day and got me home while we got the car to a safe place.
At the end of that story, people were handing me money, credit cards and ID to sign them up immediately.

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