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Zimon Zayz is Alaska's largest 
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We have built over 160 mobile 
Apps in Southeast Alaska.

Mobile Websites

As of May 2016, Google will take away all of your rankings on their search sites when it come to mobile device searches, as mobile devices make up about 86% of all website searches.

Meaning if your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose your top search results.

Google has a website that will let you know if your site is mobile friendly or not.

(Click Here To Test Your Site)

If your website is not up to mobile par, we offer a quick solution of building your website into a mobile version and keeping it looking the same as your old with SEO tags, ALT Tags, Meta Tags and many more tools to increase your website search with Google and Bing.

With many years of site building and crafting thee best Organic SEO's, we have the algorithm that will get you top search results for your industry.

Call us today for a quote, we will tel you right now most websites cost between $300 & $600.

Call: 907-401-3838

Why an app?

Your customers are asking why don't you have an app.

Apps have the potential to advertise on your customers screen on average of 1500 time a week.

You have the power to make more business, more income in a market that is deemed billions by calling us and setting an appointment.


For less than $600 we may build you an iphone and android app.
The same cost of most websites.

App Suicide

With over 140 iPhone & Android
Apps developed, I have found
that many of my clients are not
embedding their Apps on
their websites, posting them on
social media, nor enclosing them
in their email.
This is suicide to new revenue!

To change that, I have a bit of
details here on how to increase
your odds with one simple app.

Lets start with your email,
if you use gmail or other email
providers, they each have a
signature page, this makes it
so that you may have your
name, website, phone number
 and App links here.

This link will show you with:

Now if you reply from your
iPhone, click this

Setting up is simple, if you
can Google "change my email
signature?" You are on your

To post your app on social
media, it is just a couple of
steps, first you go to the App
Store in your iPhone or Android
type in the name of your app,
then click the arrow button
to share this app, you will see
email, Facebook, Twitter, copy.
 You will want to copy, so you
may type a greeting or intro
for your App.
Just don't only post this on
your company social media,
place this link on your personal
social media, ask friends & family
 to post the link.

Embed on your website requires
 you if you handle it or your
web developer to do this,
 first you will wan the links for  both apps, and official
Android & Apple graphics;
 you get this by googling:
Available in the iPhone App
Store, or Google Play Store.
and go to the images tab near
top of the page to see which
graphics you would like to save
hard drive.

Have your developer link those
graphics to your App links
and publish to your website.

If you have any questions on
how to do this, you may also
reach me in the contact page.

Information on website 
marketing in link below:

How to improve your own 
website rankings with Google.

This part is very simple, UPDATE 
your website daily........

Use Wordpress, Goddady.com website builder program, or WIX.

There are a number of programs that do not require understanding how to build websites.

We offer one, you may build your website and not pay hosting, hosting ranges from $80 to $150 a year, that is not including your domain name fee.

Our system is easier than WP, plus you don't need to pay extra for mobile site plan.

You may do updates everyday, from photos, graphics, text, blogs and many more.

Do those key things to your site daily, taking 15 mins a day will place you in those top search results.